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Merbau Decking for Sydney

With an Average Lifespan of over 20 Years, No Wonder Merbau Decking is Sydney’s Most Popular Decking Material

Not only does this natural timber have an eye-catching woodgrain, the kind of texture that makes any outdoor space look stunning. It stands strong when exposed to the harsh elements and easily resists wood decay, fire and termites. When properly installed and maintained on a regular basis – merbau decking in Sydney can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years.

Want to know how merbau gets its charming good looks?

Sourced from tropical locations around the world – from North Queensland and Malaysia to Fiji – the timber has a distinct yellow-orange brown hue that gradually gets deeper and darker with age.

When given a proper finish with a custom paint, stain and polish, it’s possible to achieve a distinct look that blends in with any classic or contemporary space.

Our Timber. You’re Choice.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with a range of merbau decking types to match your Sydney home or business. Whether you’re planning on building a custom patio or pergola, verandah or outdoor swimming pool – we can provide the best material to suit your project needs at a fair price.

If you have a rough idea of what you want, but need some friendly guidance, the Decksmith team will offer expert advice on different products, styles and lengths. From there, you’ll have all the information you need to purchase with total confidence.

Just look at the benefits you get when you choose merbau decking to enhance your Sydney outdoor space:

  • Life expectancy of 20+ years
  • Available in your choice of mixed lengths
  • Highly durable hardwood designed to resist the harsh elements
  • Customisable rich brown colour
  • Ideal for any kind of above-ground application

Easy to Maintain

As a natural material, it only makes sense that timber is prone to the signs of wear and tear. However, with very little effort on your behalf, you can keep your merbau decking in tip-top shape for many years to come.

After the installation, The Decksmith will apply a coat of decking oil to give the surface its own protective layer. Depending on the weather and living conditions, your deck will only need an extra coating of oil once every three to six months. In more extreme conditions, you may need to re-oil the surface more often.

Of course, our timber specialists will give you expert maintenance tips and show you in-person how to care for your beautiful timber decking. By taking the guesswork out of the process, your merbau decking will look better for longer – we guarantee it.

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